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“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein

This particular quote from Albert Einstein has a great deal of significance to me.  To know is not the same as to understand.  Knowing, or knowledge, is the expertise and skill one acquires through education and experience.  Knowledge is a set of facts or basic information around a particular topic or idea.     Understanding is the psychological process related to such things as an individual applies conceptualization and association.  It is an awareness of the connection between pieces of information.

I know its cold outside.  My hands are cold and the thermometer says its cold.  But do I understand why it’s cold?  Understanding would involve conceptualizing the atmospheric process and how the rotation of the earth causes a change in surface temperature, which in turns creates pressure changes.

This holds true in may organizations today as well.  The organization knows that something is right or wrong, but doesn’t understand why?

I am an ambitious and entrepreneurial spirited leader pursuing a thoughtful understanding of organizational drivers, behaviors and changes.  My ambition has provided me the opportunity to work in many different facets of business.  I started where most do, on the front lines, and as my experience, education and versatility became more of an asset I moved from position to position in order to add value to the business.  This traversing career path has allowed me to work in operations, compliance, and marketing.  Each time I gained an incredible insight and perspective on how the business operates and its key functions.  My insatiable desire for understanding led me down the path to organizational theory and leadership.  Today, I am a student of the practical and the academic organizational world.  I spend a significant amount of my time studying and reading about organizational success and failures in order to provide additional context to existing notions.

I have been managing different groups for over ten years.  Over the years I have adopted a few key values that guide me.

  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Respect

These values are interconnected and provide a solid foundation to my leadership approach.  My leadership style is very collaborative and transformational.  I make mistakes and I learn from them.  This is an important part of what I do.


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